Frustration, pain, suffering, anger. All of these words describe life as a lowly CVS employee. Those words might describe life with impotence, too. But thats a whole different blog entirely. Check out a fresh look on why working for this company, dealing with other employees and customers all suck really bad.

Sunday, October 2

Welcome to the anti-CVS blog, yo.

this blog was created with one thing and one thing only in mind: shedding light on the evil that is cvs pharmacy. yes, i work there. yes, it sucks. yes, i hope to discourage your friends and family from ever setting foot in there. enjoy.


Anonymous disgruntled cvs employee said...

I hate people who come to the register while talking on their cell phone. Hate, hate, hate.

Put down the damn phone already so I can tell you your total and get you the fuck out of here.

11:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never have problems with customers. They love me there. It's the employees who don't do anything (Managers, Shifts, and regular employees). It needs to change now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

On June 23, 2008, All CVS EMPLOYEES will be on strike in front of there CVS STORE! Strike to stop low, bad pay raises, better employee disconts, more room to move up in the company and better management! June 23, 2008 at 8am Eastern time.......... WE FIGHT BACK FOR AMERICANS RIGHTS!!!

11:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone walk of the job to fight CVS? No, then June 30 at 10 am central time we ALL STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:30 PM

Blogger David said...

What a terrible nightmare with CVS !!! I hate their service and never satisfied with them. It is the worst drug store in the palnet.
I've been CVS for 3 years long for my I am fed up. The only reason was CVS was near my home. But I am going to Rite Aid even though a little bit far.

I ordered a refill May 28, Thursday via online, they niticed me it'd be ready on that day evening. So I got there, but it's not ready. So I got Saturday noon. May 30, but it's not ready yet, and told me to come Monday, June 01, so gothere, but it's still not ready yet. I called them to check my order up before I get there, they told me it's done, so I got there, and my order was not made yet because there is no stock. and thet ask me to come tomorrow. How wonder CVS ~~ Please let me know the site to appeal consumer's complaint. Suck CVS ~~~~

9:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked for Longs for 7 years before CVS bought Longs out. At first I was really exited because they had all of these good policies and missions including to make their cvs the best place to work for and best in customer service.
WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!! They don't care about their employees or their customers!! CVS is next to walmart

1:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Low pay for managers, Corporate dangles a yearly bonus in front of you and then make you jump through so many hoops that it is impossible to obtain. My District Manager is micro-managing this district right down to which hole the j-hooks go in. Hours are cut each week and so salary ends up working 50 to 70 hours a week. Managers are responsible for the entire store including the pharmacy and so I have to deal with over educated "Glorified Pill Counters" The job suck!!!

7:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have worked there for over 6 years and at first it was a good job, but now the hours are cut so low it is nearly impossible to get things done, people up in Woonsocket have things so screwed up, we may or may not get a truck each week, the rebuilt junk for computers they supply us continue to malfunction. Then on top of things the idiot regional manager hires a true prick of a district manager to make life a pure hell in that store, if the economy wasnt so bad, I would be out of there weeks ago.

6:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to wonder what idiot in corporate thought the weekly extrabucks was a good idea? We are constantly bombarded with greedy people buying garbage they dont need to get those extrabucks and typically turn around and return the stuff later. Lines are clogged with people carrying around binders full of paper and multiple cards. Try to complain to anyone about this and you are likely to find yourself out the door. Several years back, the pharmacy district supervisor nearly lost his job over that, now what does that tell you?

6:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

May 2011 - I've been with CVS for about 6 years now as a manager , it is friggin' ridiculous how this corporation expects us to run a 65thousand a week store on under 300 hours week , its not possible . The managers get paid for 45 hours a week , in reality we are in our stores for 70 hours a week . They don't care about their employees , we have no family life , they have us working on Christmas , Thanksgiving and Easter . We do this year after year and god forbid a manager has to use a sick day , we catch crap for it from the DM's . We have to take so much crap from the abusive customers , we have to kiss their asses . I have no problem helping a customer but when they become abusive we should be able to tell them to get out .There is just sooo much wrong within this company that the customers don't know about , and if they did , CVS would be out of business .

6:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

July 2011
From a current Store Manager
LIke the last Manager posted $65,000 a week in sales and only 300 payrol hours to run the whole store is rediculous. The management turns into glorified cashiers.
I think everyone needs to have a clear picture of these vipers. The Dms expect perfection with no help to accomplish it. They act as if they own the business themselves. The company has all these great tools that some very smart person came up with in corporate to help you manage a store but with one major flaw. They have cut payroll so far you cannot accomplish the below in a shift.
A typical day
First you must print your daily walkthrough and walk the whole store and make notes of everything that YOU will do since you only have a cashier,but wait while doing this you will be called to the rx counter and interupted by customers and of course you will need to check in all the vendors at the same time. Oh did i say vendor,,,,oh yes if it is a drop ship then you better stop your walkthrough and check that in right away. Back to the walkthorugh. Dont forget to check the dairy and food coolers and go check all the dates on the baby food/formula section. I mean after all if the Dm finds one outdated item on the floor in those categories you most likly will get TERMINATED. Well after you have tried to walk the store for hours with all the interuptions you better go and get a sale flyer and walk the floor to find ad items that need filled and do that yourself. Wow half the day is over and you have not even done your price changes for the day or even started a planogram. But remember you are not overwoked or anything like that,,the Dm is trained to convince you that others can do this and that you suck. You are made to feel like the underachiever all the time. News flash people, I have done this for a heck of a long time with this company and others,IT IS NOT YOU.
This company and there micro managing condesending District Managers suck. They brow beat everyone to accomplish the impossible because they are scared of losing their jobs as well. Well I have learned if you treat people like crap it will come back to you. It is coming back to CVS. The government and other local agencies are attacking the pharmacy giant and fining the crap out of it. I see Managers and other employees quiting left and right because of poor,poor upper management. When people leave they act as if they just took out the garbage. NEXT... they just move on like you did not even exist.
I am sad to say this is a company I invested a lot of years of my life in. Now the upper management is just piledriving the comapany into the ground only to look good to shareholders and continue to open stores they cannot even manage.
To all you Managers. I am sure you do a great job everyday. Dont let this crappy company beat you down. Go somewhere else.

12:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

August 7 , 2011 . The above manager is absolutely right. But he did forgot a couple of every morning things before we can start "working" , as if all this is not working ? We have to post the DCR by 10am , check the refunds and make sure the match up and do the cycle counts . There is always more than one vendor that has to be scanned in (coke , pepsi , canada dry , flowers , magazines , frozen foods , beer reading glasses etc etc). Then when you just get started on that planogram , you get called up front because the cashier needs a roll of dimes ,you go back to work then you get called back up front to scan your card for a refund . Lately there have been many managers quitting or stepping down to an assistant or shift manager because they can no longer take the constant bullshit from the DM's .

I'm sorry there is one tray of checkout candy under the registers , I didn't to do it but I stayed 5 hours late to clean the windows ,mop the floor in front of the coolers and thoroughly scrub clean the bathrooms . But that don't matter , you forgot to put 1 tray away .

I wish they (the DM's and higher) would read these 100% true comments . For the people who read this that don't work for CVS . this is the absolute truth and this is just scratching the surface . I really could be here typing for hours and hours.

10:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aug 8 , 2011
Wow , you guys have got it right . It is ridiculous the way we are treated . I am a shift manager and they expect us to stay extra hours to get things done but god forbid you go into overtime then we get in trouble . I have been offered an assistant manager position on 2 occassions but I won't take it simply because you have to work 60 to 70 hours a week and get paid for only 45 hours and because of all the other shit they have to take from the DM's . I'll stay right where I am , do my 35 hours and go home .

9:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If any company deserves a walk out it's CVS. They treat their employees like crap. They are the WalMart of retail pharmacy. "Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives!" What a pile of crap! Their management philosophy is based on treating employees like "consumables" to use the drug store news terminology. Normal people will not really fit in there; it's a loose-loose situation. You better enjoy being insulted and degraded on a daily basis both by the management and the customers if you want to keep your job.

8:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday (9/4/11), I spoke to a friend that is a CVS store manager on Long Island in New York . He was telling me that they were forced by their District Managers to stay open during Hurricane Irene (while the District Managers was at home with the family) . I couldn't believe what he was saying , I thought for sure he was just kidding me . I decided to call another friend who works for CVS in a different area on Long Island and asked her if this was true . Sure enough they did have to stay open during this hurricane . Does this company care about its employees at all ? It seems not . Is this company that hungry for money that they put their employees live's at risk ? Keeping stores open during this kind of weather only entices shoppers to go out in this weather , they (CVS) must not care too much about their customers either if they are basically saying come on out and shop during a hurricane . If an employee was to be killed by something that came flying through the front window would CVS take care of that employees family ? Highly unlikely ! This is an outrage ! I am glad I work for a family run business that actually cares about it's employees , and help their employees in times of need .

9:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see corp. or dm work in a store for just one day...with one cashier.I would love to be on that Undercover Boss reality show.

2:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posting Comments may make you feel better and a lot of what you all have said are true. But taking action would make corporate respond and pay.

a) Hourly employee's should unionize or at least threaten to unionize. The resources and $ that the company would spend would be a lot since they are against it. They wouldn't be able to handle multiple states at the same time. Change to Win coalition based out of DC would certainly help.

b) Pharmacists should sue. Are they hourly? Or are they salary? CVS is the only major drug chain that pays hourly but calls them "salary". This way they don't have to pay for anything extra. They don't pay 1.5 OT pay (which would make them hourly), but if you don't work, you don't get paid (which makes them salary). This see-saw balancing act has been going on for years. Pharmacists would absolutely win a law-suit if they get together with legal action.

c) Flood state agencies with true information. They will investigate facts. Employee's not being paid properly. OT not being paid. Lunch breaks not being offered. Time card hours being reduced to save payroll.

d) CVS is notorious for not being compliant with state and federal laws. They wait until they get in trouble creating a "fire-drill" for all the employees and managers to save money. Instead, they just pay a fine and then make the employees check everything and threaten your job if you don't (outdates for example). All employee's should feel free to make a large amount of phone calls to state agencies reporting these. If they receive a lot, then cvs dms and corp will have a lot of work to do. Life at cvs sucks already, so at least make their lives sucky too. Life at cvs won't change so at least make their life shitty for awhile.

e) Managers - you are in the worst position. You are truly salary employees but are completely overworked. CVS states they offer competitive wages but it depends who you compare that with. Compare with McDonald's? Okay.. you're getting competitive wages. Compare with Walgreen's? Nope.. you are underpaid. A department manager even at Walmart could start at 40% higher than the average store manager. Don't be stupid... no banning together as you can't legally and you would absolutely lose your job. Find another job and make them spend money to find someone else.

10:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im waiting for this company to fall on their face

10:37 PM

Anonymous don on long island said...

They will fall . The tremendous amount of outdated merchandise in most stores is costing them alot in fines .Most stores are so understaffed that the employees working never get to take a break , which is illegal in all 50 states .But the managers will manually take out the breaks so it shows that they took one even though they didn't . They treat their employees like crap . Especially the store management staff . The managers and assistant managers should all get together and stand up for themselves .They should start complaining to the ethics line about how the DM's treat them and speak to them . I am proof of how crappy they treat employees , thank god I finally got out of there . I will never shop there again and the same with my family and friends .

9:50 PM

Anonymous bleutoof said...

i just transferred from a Dallas CVS to another CVS in Hill Country...and I found a pack a Black n Milds onthe shelf for sale with a Ekerds sticker on them...

11:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that things are hard for the managers because of how hard the DM's run them, but how do you think it is for the cashiers? I have the priviledge of cutting the newspapers, opening the photo lab, ringing out customers, running film, doing the put backs, scanning the damages, doing the price changes, working overstock, ripping sale signs, being verbally and on one occasion physically assaulted by customers, calling for ringers multiple times or not at all sometimes since it's just myself and a manager and they might be scanning in a vendor, or taking out the trash, or on a conference call, unable to help me, for 8 hours a day, cut down to 30 hours a week thanks to budget cuts, for over a decade, living paycheck to paycheck, and managing not to ring the DM's neck when he suggests we need to work on being more polite and courteous. It's no wonder I'm on antidepressants.

7:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any terminated CVS pharmacist that would be willing o speak onthe media... Contact Steve Ariens @

10:19 PM

Anonymous dr dee said...

the company isnt what it used to be 3-4 years ago. its been absolute hell at work. my lead tech & staff pharmacist quit the same week. so lucky me, i have to work 8 days in a row, understaffed, all because the district doesnt have enough pharmacist to cover the shift, and the new hiring system takes a decade to hire people. and now, they are cutting tech hrs in the pharmacy, and front store cashier hrs, and its really tough getting paperwork, other pending work, returns, and filling scripts. idk how much longer i can do this. pharmacies arent what they used to be. back then, we didnt have all these deadlines, SOS, and other new programs. idk how the company expects perfection, yet gives us no help in achieving the goals. no wonder people are quitting left and right.

10:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now we have myCustomer Experience to deal with. A LOAD OF BULLSHIT. all because (supposedly) the customers are leaving CVS for its competitors. That shit CLEARLY shows the priorities at CVS. Get written up for not greeting every customer that walks through hells gates. Fuck u SEAN FOO.

5:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i worked for cvs for 2 and a half years...and it has been 2 and a half years of hell. i just quit friday and nothing has ever felt sooo good! i feel bad for the people who are stuk there. in 2 and a half years i never recieved one my last yearly review i got in trouble because some of the the drugs i was supposed to pull had gone out dated.. keep in mind i was 8 and a half months pregnant and it was some albuterol that was on the very bottom ass wasnt getting on the floor to pull that! i could go on and on and ON about the treatment of the pharmacy techs. Work a billion friggen hours, get one 30 minute break no matter how long of hours you work..oh and kiss customers asses even when they are cussing you every name in the book! id flip burgers at mc donalds before id ever step foot in a cvs again!

10:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somewhere in the history of the pharmacy field, the patients have become a number. Corprate pharmacies all over the states have lost what it truely means to help people on their path to better health. Working as a tech for 6+ years I've realized that pretty much all healthcare fields have lost this vision(ex.medical,pharmacy,insurance,etc). We wonder why patients are self-entitled, and treat us terribly? Respect is a key foundation for a patient provider relationship, and cvs corprate doesn't respect their employees, and it trickles down to the patient.

3:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just started working for cvs it's my first job. And already I'm starting to wonder, why in the hell am I the only one doing shit. First off there's no bells or warning when someone walks up to ring out so while they got me stocking, facing, or sales prices. I have to continuously keep walking back and forth to check up front, bloody fucking annoying. Meanwhile there's only one other person god knows where working with me. I literally feel like I'm running the store all by myself. I came into this job thinking positively with hope to move up or just strive. But the employees who were already there just bitch and complain how much they hate their jobs and how they wanna quit. This job sucks, cvs is ass and only old rich people seem to come in, not mention all the local prostitutes and thiefs that you basically can't do shit about. As soon as I get called for another job, I'm leaving, cvs is hopless.

2:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cvs is a horrible place to work. I worked there as well as a family member has. They continually put down their employees, and give raises that are ridiculous. An extra 10 cents... woohoo. They have district managers that are horrid mean people. They continually add to the work loads of their employees and store managers, but refuse to give the stores enough hours or positions to get all of this work done in a timely manner, and then punish the store managers for not being able to finish their huge workloads. They also seem to be a company more interested in catching employees doing something wrong than they are about employee safety in the store, or the vast amount of thieves that come in continually. They hire rude and bitchy district managers that seem to do absolutely nothing, and yet they are mean spirited in how they speak to employees under them, and downright rude when an employee needs to speak to them... cvs is by far the worst place I and my family member have had to work for. Anyone thinking of applying... beware... the discount isn't enough to make for the horrible, mean, uncaring, and neglectful way this place treats employees.

3:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

walgreens FTW.

5:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am soooo tired of cvs pharmacy calling my home, about prescription that they feel like I should have filled.If I want a prescription I'LL call YOU! Harassing customers is a GREAT way to lose customers. HELLO WALGREEN'S!

6:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to the pharmacy in Bridgeview Illinois. The pharmacist could not find my son's insurance information even though the number was right there on the Rx form. I took it to Walgreens and they filled it with no hassle. I think they gave me a hard time because I have public aid. She kept saying "public aid" and i was humiliated like a lower class citizen. I do work though but don't get medical insurance, haven't had it in years but my son needs it so I had to file for public aid.

9:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No lunch breaks and mean customers.

3:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We (employees) can unionize all we want, but do you actually think it will accomplish anything? Corporate doesn't give a shit! They'll fire us us and hire more poor souls!

7:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cvs pharmacy on South Bend Avenue, in South Bend, IN, is allowing their pharmacy technicians to decide who can get their narcotic pain killers filled there! If you walk up and you don't look right to the technician, they don't check with the pharmacist. They just lie and tell you that they don't have any medication. So far it's been a male technician, who must feel self important. DISCRIMINATION!!!

10:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your thinking about working for CVS. DON'T DO IT YOU'LL REGRET IT FIND EMPLOYMENT ELSEWHERE!!!!!!

8:59 PM

Blogger 808_ImisstheolddayswhenwewerestillLONGS said...

As a current Shift Supervisor...

I make my 10 year milestone this November of 2013. CVS effin sucks. Now they are trying to get rid of all the Longs employees. WTF?!? All of these corporate workers and effin regional/district managers need to work in our shoes. I am overly disgusted everyday I work because there is just too much for one employee to do. Especially as a SS, you have to cashier, do clerk work, help all the different departments, and cashier in pharmacy, pretty soon we'll probably have to learn how to fill prescriptions! WTF are they thinking!?! Do they really think one person can handle all of those responsibilities? I take care of the OTC department, and these effin planograms that change too many damn times within the year is a pain in the damn ass! The higher ups need to pull that stick out of their asses and start busting their asses alongside with us.

Corporate does not care about their employees at all! They do not care about their customers. They only care about making their money. If you have an opinion, they would fire you first so they don't have to hear it. THEY ARE FUCKING RIDICULOUS AND UNETHICAL!


5:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love that to I been at CVS Detroit Mi for 11 years

8:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do you get managers to work ?? Ours leaves early every day ! Oh or comes n 10 minutes early a cpl times a week and takes an extra day off cuz we owe ? Im a shift and i used to like workn for cvs when they cared. Not anymore...i get in trouble for not collecting enough emails for the week..seriously ?? I guess im gonna start forcing people to give me their damn emails-i guess i cld thresten the customer like i get threatened weekly. I even tell them hey just give it to me snd when you get ur first one hit unsubscribe !! At least i fet the email credit. You r right about work load also- every week we get smthn new that is policy that has to be done but we get cut 10hrs. My stores hours r ridiculous. The hours we have for the week allow us to have 2 people til3 pm and 2 people til 10pm when we close AND there are weeks we are open more hours for the week thsn hours we have to use !!WTF.

9:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh the fucking coupon queens. Here they come with their binders and calculators !! Shop for 3hrs on the phone with all their other coupon buddies you rang up yesterday or that morning. They give each other ideas and coupons that work ! Yes i am the only cashier alone to ring customers for 7 hrs- oh yes there is as manager with me but he is way beyond ringing the register. You can page but"sorry i didnt here ya" wtfe. Oh and here comes the coupon queen to the register with her pile of coupons. Flipping thru here 5 cards seeing which card to use with what coupons !! Oh and im gonna have a few transaction if you dont mind !! Now ive done 3 transactions for miss coupon queen and have 4 people behind her pissed at me !! Page that manager that dont come - as usual. A customer in line that was actually using money to pay with just put his stuff on the counter and left !! Two more trsnsactions for miss coupon queen and shes finally done and now i can ring my other five customers. Oh and all awhile the manager goes by my line and goes upstairs to the office and brings me down the price changes to do. Comes with a cart of damages for me to scan and says by the way can you check cycle counts ?? Are you fucking kidding me !! Yes...welcome to cvs !!!

10:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has to be an old post cause there is not a manager that works holidays in my district !! They get 3 days off when its a holiday week to make up for no holiday pay !

11:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will get worse here soon cause the rx is gonna b able to refuse on pain pills....legally !!

8:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an unfortunate employee of cvs pharmacy. People's rx's are never ready because the company cares more about how much $$ they get to pocket. So they won't give stores extra help. The person who is filling rx's should stop filling, and help with the pickup line. Which leaves no one filling rx's! Cvs Corporate is full of idiots! Obviously there needs to be another person there. The employees that you actually see, are the only employees that give a damn!

11:03 AM

Blogger Logan Riley said...

I am a current Shift Supervisor at a CVS in North Carolina and I will tell you now: DO NOT WORK FOR CVS UNLESS IT IS THE ABSOLUTE LAST JOB OPTION YOU HAVE.
This place is fucking miserable 80% of the time. The store managers are bullies, the district managers are lazy shits who do nothing but give orders and expect you to magically grow eight more arms to deal with the always ridiculous workload. Calling corporate will do nothing but get you terminated by your store manager if they somehow find out that you called and complained. It's a mess.

8:17 PM

Anonymous Ashley. T said...

I really hate cvs. I was fired for something I could not control another showed absolutely no remorse. Cvs was my only means of income to feed my child and everyone knew that and no one cared . What ever happened to having understanding? They are full of shit ass bitches who don't give a fuck about anyone or anything besides there money. In my opinion they are worse than Wal-Mart. At least at Wal-Mart you know not to expect anything but at cvs they lie and make it seem like they case when they fucking don't. lil bitches. my son and I are homeless now. thanks for nothing.

10:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would encourage all CVS employees to rate the company on When companies (ex Forbes) rank best and worst places to work they reference this site. Lets see what happens if CVS gets put in the spotlight as one of the worst places to work.

10:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been with the company for 2 yrs. The manager who hired me is not longer there, the asst. manager got the position, was a nice guy. Now he's on a bit of a power trip. We an new Asst. Mgr. from another store who we first thought was crazy when we met him. The next day he was ok! Now we know he's a loose cannon and needs some SERIOUS antipsychotics. Personally I've been jerked around with forever!! We're gonna promote you we're not, we're gonna teach you photo. Psych no we're not! I finally transferred to another store and learned photo on my own and got certified. THEN got demoted to head cashier a position I believe doesn't even exist anymore. But whatever. I'm the only one who shows up when they need coverage, and I'm an adult, a parent not a college kid! A customer made comment about being open in bad weather and I just said if people didn't come out maybe we could close. What did that BITCH do, sent a complaint in saying that I was extremely rude, and shouldn't talk to a customer that way. Oh fucking well, are you working tonight lady? NO you're going home before it gets BAD out! Fuck her! My response to the mgr. Shit happens. Everyone has a bad day. His lames ass response.. That attitude will get you in BIG trouble! My response I'm not gonna lie I'm actively looking for a "real" job! His final response! Silence!

9:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In addition to the above comment my yearly review is a month and 5 days overdue...Yeah the manager was in the hospital but he came back Monday! I'm not going to remind him either! It'll just be retroactive when it FINALLY does happen! One more funny addition and I'm done we ran out of M&Ms! Wtf! How do you run out of M&Ms??!?? The have rented box truck and throw everything in there then don't take the shit out! Lmao! Can you say mismanagement??

9:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

True the customers are better then the workers at my job and I work overnights they do nothing to help you but kiss ass

9:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Minorities are deprived of their breaks in South Bend, IN area stores!

7:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

im only a clerk cashier and been working there for 2/3 months and it sucks yea my managers a bitch..she never helped me out she just threw me out into the public n told me take the initiative n is forever downing me like ya im new but seriously im not the worst out of the just hired or the old folks i mean ive stood right next to these people n i can see im a lot faster, nicer, and on the ball. she tells me im the slowest of them all and their all doing better then i am..i couldnt even believe it its like boot camp with a drill sergeant calling you worthless to build you up but this is not the military! its a drug store lady you have issues..and she just goes around with a pissed off face swear to god she walks right past me n looks at me like shes mad as hell just because im around her. and literally my first` two weeks i found out it was literally a death sentence to drink water in front of customer even with your back turned i was shocked..i dont like working here the pay is bad and the stupid woman only gives me 2 days a week..awesome.

9:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have worked for CVS about 15 yrs or so, and have really seen a decline in the company worth. I work with great people at store level, yes you get the idiot managers that treat us like crap, but on the whole the staff can be great. The biggest issue I have with this F**** company is that they have NO CLUE what actually happens at store level. We have a district pharmacy supivisor who had fired at least 16 pharmacists in 8 weeks and forcing others to quit. At one store the staff up and quit with the pharmacists, so the twit was forced to work at store level, and was texting every store in her district looking for help. Not too many people were willing to jump in and help. I know of other district supivisors that stepped down to be a pharmacist and eventually quit because they couldn't take it. They need to be on that show "Undercover Boss" to see how real life is. I could go on for days with trashing CVS.

9:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All current n past employees know we signed a contract to not talk about them.

5:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give me a break. No one gets breaks, pal, not just minorities.

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I have worked for CVS for six years, and let me tell you that every one of those years has been a living hell. As a Shift Supervisor you are required to do as much task work as a cashier, ASM, and SM, and if shit is not done on time wile trying to handle being paged by a cashier for back up every other minute (literally)you get bullshit by upper management when small and out of the wall shit is not done when they show their fat ass in your store. They expect you to "walk the customer" to their items, ask for help at every person, wile juggling dozens of other tasks because the store does not have enough hours for extra personnel, but you are still responsible for everything just like a store with "normal hours" And if I need to get my 35 hours a week (God knows I am in extreme need of them) I am obligated to work six days a week because they only want you there until someone else takes over the shift after your shit shift of five hours (what bullshit) I know for a fact that this is happening everywhere at CVS, no one in upper management cares about you because they are to busy trying to cover their own ass from their fucking managers. This is such a shitty company, that gives you as an employee zero value. These six years have been diply disappointing

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